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Jesse Nelson For the Women Blogger Uprising


Jesse Nelson is a product designer form India who is interested in making good friends and discuss common interests. Her blog is related to tags like Designing, Living, Busines, Internet, Mobile etc. She have also an SEO firm that does manual submissions.

You can view more at her Blog,

One of the popular Health post is regarding the surprising way to treat Diabetics with Sugar, while other blog post makes the cooking interesting which is written for those who likes to start up their skills at cooking.

Jesse Nelson also have started the video linking which she thinks is worth to watch in Must see Videos.

Jesse owns an SEO firm tittled SEOt24 and shares much of her SEO secrets for free in the blog.

The most important topic of Jesse is designing which goes from the basic product design, interior design, town planing to other designing ideas related to technology.She is interested to share her business thoughts at Calicut and other parts of Kerala and India. She shares some of her business thoughts with Business as label.

She is presently working at Artzstarz that sells products from China and other countries mainly to Banglore and Calicut, that makes her tag cheap products inCalicut. Her contribution to the women bloggers is also a work that much of the people don’t know and she does not like its publicity. Jesse had being at Himalyas for 6 months where she got inspired to the mind controling and lucid dreaming, her postwith the tittle Stay awake At Your Dreams is an amazing post if you are keen to know about the fasinating world of dreaming.

Jesse have also published an online e-book regarding the ways to organise yourself for better living. Due to its demand she made it paid, but hears that she gives it to those who have helped her regarding her inrerest, as her blog description itself says “Interested to make good friends and discuss common interests”

As every girl Jesse Nelson is also not so geek in her web knowledge and is looking forward to make friends to know and understand more about website design and new trending ways at SEO fields.

Never miss her Post tittled Sex Before marriage.

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